About Us

Vanguard Laboratory Innovations is located in Tulsa, OK. We began accepting samples early in 2023. We have a comprehensive test menu, which includes over 2500 tests. We offer routine screening and diagnostic tests across the full spectrum of healthcare.

We are leveraging cutting edge technology to offer precision testing across many different therapeutic areas.


It starts by rejecting the status quo and embracing new technologies. Despite huge advancements in medicine, many diagnostic and screening tests, that have been shown to improve patient outcomes, are still not being widely adopted.

We aim to do our part by educating and increasing awareness. We are building strong partnerships with healthcare providers, hospitals, and laboratories across the country. Through these partnerships, we have the opportunity to change the status quo and ultimately the course of patient management, so that we can achieve better and lasting health outcomes, together.

Our Work Starts in Our Own Backyard

Heart disease, stroke, diabetes, and liver disease are among the leading causes of death in Oklahoma.

Early detection is the key to preventing disease and empowers people to take control over their health and wellness. Routine Screening is a critical step at all stages of life in identifying disease and saving lives.

Between our full suite of routine screening tests and thoughtfully curated specialty panels, we provide diagnostic and screening tests for the diseases that impact our community the most.





Diabetes is a significant public health concern for Oklahoma. It is the eighth leading cause of death with over 1,500 Oklahomans losing their lives to diabetes related causes.¹

Diabetes Centers for Excellence (DCE) is located in Tulsa, OK and began accepting patients in November of 2023. DCE offers a patient-centered and holistic approach to diabetes and metabolic care. They are focused on medical, nutritional, and lifestyle interventions that target long-term health and well-being.

Through our partnership with DCE, we aim to do our part in improving the health of people living with diabetes.

Now Open, Vanguard Patient Service Center

Located in Tulsa, OK, the Vanguard Patient Service Center opened in December 2023. We are providing people of Oklahoma a fast and convenient option for phlebotomy and other testing services.

Patients can walk-in or schedule an appointment.

We are a full service laboratory and our menu of tests and services are expanding.

For a comprehensive list of tests and services, call us today at 918-212-6177.